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missy neville

Find congruence within your home


The Art of Letting Go is a therapeutic program created to identify, explore and remove the emotional and psychological barriers which create a sense of clutter and chaos in the home.  


Many of us wish to be more organized. We feel overwhelmed with clutter, and think if we could just get it under control, we would be perfectly happy. While a sense of order does certainly contribute to one's well being, the methods often employed to get there create nothing more than a shallow experience of control that is quickly disheveled once life takes hold again.  


The Art of Letting Go is about finding congruence within your home. It is a process of coming to know yourself and your relationship to your belongings in an entirely new way.  It is about slowing down, getting quiet, and allowing yourself to become curious about what happiness looks like to you; what you want your life to look like, without judgment, and without the story of your past.  

Find your way

As a Counselor and Somatic Experiencing practitioner, individual sessions working on the Art of Letting Go program allow for deeper personal reflection; to understand what is "true" for you and how this came to be. It's about assessing your values, setting your intention from a place of knowing, and learning that your own internal wisdom is your strongest road map in this discovery. 

Ready, Set,


During our first session, you will learn about the concepts presented in this program.  We will determine what changes you would like to make and what areas you would like to explore further in order to develop a plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We will identify how much direct support you feel you need to comfortably keep you on your journey and examine your strengths and resources for tackling much of this process on your own. Creating lasting change takes time, but the experience of coming to know yourself in your environment is absolutely worth the effort. It is a journey of the soul as much as is it a reawakening of your environment, and it is truly an honor to help guide you in this process. 

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